We designed the Montessori Weekend programme in order to help children, who cannot attend our half and full - day programmes, gain some Montessori experience in authentic Montessori environment together with one of their parents. The classes are provided on Saturdays or Sundays and the dates of the weekends are announced in advance on our calendar. They include 90 minutework cycle for toddlers and two-hour working time for primary children. The groups consist of eight children maximum. Signing-up in advance via email is recommended as well as filling in our questionnaire we are going to send to you.

It is important to understand that Montessori Weekends are not hourly day care but an educational programme. Although results, such as the regular attendance to the five day programme would guarantee, cannot be expected in that case, the child’s development of independence, will and sense of order will be encouraged. This programme is also recommended for children who are going to attend our regular programmes in a couple of months in order to help them adapt and orient in the environment as well as start building a relationship with the guide, the assistant, and other children. Gift your child a few hours of hours of joy and happiness while learning in a beautiful and loving environment!