We at “Montessori Children’s House” believe in the holistic development of the child. That is why it is very important for our team to help the children to develop an ability to choose healthy nutrition diet.

We tried the food prepared by several catering companies until together with parents and children we choose the Organic Bio “Zeleo” – certified catering company, which has all the required licenses according to the Bulgarian Legislation.

The food offered by the Montessori Children’s House is based on principles of healthy and balanced children’s nutrition and contains variety of all essential food groups such as grains and cereals, vegetables and fruits, milk/cheese/yogurt, meat/fish/poultry, legumes,healthy fats.

The menu is composed by a nutritionist from “Zeleo” and approved by “Montessori Children’s House” nurse.

Food in Montessori Children’s House includes the following three meals and beverages during the day: morning snack of freshseasonal fruits/vegetablesand tea/water, lunch, and afternoonsnack.

Weekly food menu is placed on the parent’s board in MCH in the beginning of each week and uploaded on the school website.

The menu is balanced for children according to percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. There are fully vegetarian menus delivered for children who are vegetarians.

Every day the nurse takes samples of each meal and keeps it in the fridge for 48 hours for better control of the food offered at “Montessori Children’s House. “

Besides the regular visits for the Health Department and Food Inspection we have our own good hygienic practices and self- control of the kitchen hygiene. An independent laboratory takes samples of serving plot, utensils, dishwasher, and silverware every six months and provides a protocol with the results.

Children in Montessori Children’s House are not given: candies, chocolate, packagedchocolateorsugarbasedsnacks, peanuts, bluecheese, smoked cheese, friedfoodsorsnacks, canedand dissolvable juices, geneticallymodifiedfoodsorfoodscontaininggeneticallymodified organisms (GMO), foodswithhighcontentoffats, carbohydratesandsalt, spicy and exotic foods. Aswellasall type of foodscontainingartificialcoloringsandflavors (such as aspartame), preservatives, highfructosecornsyrup, hydrogenated(“trans”) fats such as margarine (including hydrogenatedfats containing milk products as cheese and yogurt), Mono-Sodiumglutamate(MSG) (found in mixed dried spices and condiments “Vegeta” and “Maggi fix” type, dissolvable broth cubesand instant powderedsoups).

Children are not allowed to bring such foods to Montessori children’s House either.

There is a strict control of the food for children whose parents announced allergies or any kind of food intolerance.

Children eat independently, serve, wash dishes and clean the table and the floor after finishing with their meals. They prepare the daily tea by themselves.

The drinking waterisspringortablewaterappropriatefordailyconsumptionfromchildrenunder the age of 7. Every child brings his/her own indoor cup and a water bottle used for drinking water while playing outside.

Foodis not included in the tuition and is payableup to 5th day of each month. In case the child was absent during the month and Montessori Children’s House was notified, the amount for non consumed food shall be subtracted from the due amount for the next month. Food forthenextdaycouldbecancelediftheparentnotifiesMontessori Children’s Houseby 12:00pmon the previous school day.Otherwise, parentsshouldpaythedailyfoodamountforeachday, forwhichMCH was not notified in advance according to the previous conditions.

The parents can bring to school treat for their child’s birthday. Cakes, sweets and cookies with nuts, chocolate and fondant are not permitted, nor juices that are not organic.

If the child brings food from home it is warmed on a hot plate or in the oven. We do not use microwaves.

We believethat creating healthy diet habits in young children contributes to their growth as strong, healthy, responsible and happy adults able to make reasonable choices what is good and what is not good for their health.