• EMILIA 6 yrs old

    When I went to Montessori Children’s House, I did not know I would find new friends but I found good ones and every day played with them and was meeting new children. At the beginning I as a bit shy, but I met the children I we started having fun.
    I enjoyed working with the materials very much because each one is different and fun and teaches you something new.
    I did not want to go to school because I would miss Yana and the other children, as well as the teachers.
    I liked story time very much and it was interesting because Diana was taking Bulgarian books and was reading them in English.

    EMILIA 6 yrs old
  • George and Gergana (Kaloyan's Parents, BG)

    Our kid started at MCH when he did not even have 2. He spent marvelous 4 years which made him a great individual. Those 4 years were engaging for us parents in a very good way too. In the first few months when he started he learnt very quickly how to dress, walk, talk and behave. But Montessori Children’s House is much more valuable than taking care for your kid for day-to-day stuff. MCH inspires the kids to be great social beings, to be eager for knowledge, kind and sharing. I fullheartedly recommend MCH. Dont judge kindergartens by the building, social status or the toys. You are not buying the next gen iPhone or Mercedes. Ask for ethics and values and you will be given a lot of time for that at MCH. By the way, it's one of the few kindergartens in Sofia where your kid will be in an truly international environment both among kids and teachers.

    George and Gergana (parents of Kaloyan)
  • Noah’s Family and Mariana’s Family (Austria and Greece)

    Dear Diana,
    Two years in Montessori Children’s House. It was a nice time. Playing, learning, and laughing.
    We will miss you definitely. We would like to say THANK YOU for the last two years and wish you health and happiness.

    Noah’s Family and Mariana’s Family
  • Andreevi Family (Bulgaria and Germany)

    Dear Diana,
    We cordially thank you for all the wonderful moments you gifted to Mila during the last year. We wil never forget your dedication and ability to guide and communicate with the children. Be very happy!

    Andreevi Family (Bulgaria and Germany)
  • Elvan and Jason George (Melisa’s parents, USA)

    We started looking for a kindergarten since our daughter, Melisa turned age of two and a half, because she had never been in daycare/preschool before we needed to be really careful. We spent 2 months searching for a school for her. Finally, we found Montessori Children's House. After a couple of days there, she was a thriving, happy and well adjusted child. She loved coming to school to learn and play with her friends. My husband and I were both pleased by the excellent curriculum and structured environment.
    The open spaces, use of primary colors and continuity of the teaching faculty are so important to young children. Their natural curiosity and creativity are encouraged, and each child is permitted to learn at his or her own pace. Moreover, the teachers are always calm and soft-spoken, even at playtime, creating an atmosphere that is secure and reassuring for the children.
    When we enter the school, it is like entering an oasis of order and learning, where young minds are stimulated in the bright classrooms and under the shady trees. The classrooms and yards are neat and orderly and even the sandbox.
    We think that this school should be an example to other schools. Whenever someone asks about schools in Sofia for young children, Montessori Children's House is at the top of our list.

    Elvan and Jason George (Melisa’s parents, USA)
  • Nadia (Gazza and Sarah’s mother, Indonesia)

    Our first encountered with this children’s house in Sofia was a coincidence. I fell in love with this Montessori, when Diana showed me around the class, the learning equipments, she also explained the learning and teaching method, and she answered all my questions and fulfilled what I wanted for my children's basic education.

    Montessori teaching system had taught our children in so many ways that a child is capable of. Montessori Children’s House recognized the need of each child in order to develop their best skills.
    Both Gazza and Sarah have best basic practical skills for their daily live routines. They are now continuing their education here in Indonesia but I can tell proudly that they are more advanced in various levels than their peers. So I am again thankful to Detska Kushta Montessori Sofia who cared, taught, guided, not only our two beloved children but us the parents. We also learnt how to be a good teacher for Gazza and Sarah at home.

    Nadia (Gazza and Sarah’s mother, Indonesia)
  • Irina (Antonia’s mother, BG)

    I have said many times that choosing “Montessori Children’s House” (Detska kushta Montessori) is maybe of the best decisions in my life. MCH is not only a place where my child was spending time, while we were at work. This is a place where my child became acquainted with the life itself; a place where we as parents felt also like being educated. There I had the feeling that they do not simply love children- there they first see and then bring up and educate the man, his/her personality. At Montessori Children’s House the child has the freedom to be herself and learns with the responsibility that comes along with every freedom. The language development, the contact with diverse cultures and the strong child’s healthcare are just part of the wealth we received from Montessori Children’s House. MCH gave a start to our daughter, which every child deserves and would be wonderful to receive. If I have to summarize in one word what MCH gives to their children it is love – love towards the person/man who unfolds.

    Irina (Antonia’s mother)
  • Vanina K. - Montessori certified guide 0-3, 3-6, Berlin

    I would like to share with everyone who is interested in Montessori Children's House. 

    If the attrcative and unedrstandable website does not answer your questions, then Diana with her enormous love for the children will be happy to meet you and answer your question on campus. 

    Besides the fully-answered questions, you will have one unforgetable trip in the world of Maria Montesori and her principles. 

    You will see the meaning of preprared environment, where each child finds his own place and feels free. 

    Freedom is extermely important during the sensitive periods and absorbent mind but it is not functioning proprely when teh environment is not appropriately prepared. The main role of the guide in the Montessori environment is not to be the connection with the environment but the bridge, which will connect the child to the environment. 

    We found a lot of kindergartens furnished according to the Montessori standarts in Berlin but I witnessed how this preprared, attractive and beautiful environment is not helping the child, when there is not a truely Montessori guide to connect the child with it. 

    The childrne love Diana and their teachers, but they love the activities and materials presented even more. By the means of these materials, the children learn to love the learning process itself. It sounds incredible but it is a fact in Montessori Children's house. We continue to love and reccomend you even from Berlin. 

    Ванина К. - сертифициран Монтесори учител за деца във възрастова група 0-3 и 3-6  член на Montessori Europe 





    Vanina K.
  • Tonya, Rob and Baxton

    The Montessori Children’s House was more than indispensable, it was a part of our family.  We moved to Bulgaria from the USA in summer 2014, with no experience living abroad.  After a tour of MCH, I did not have to look any further for my priorities:  the furniture was sturdy and made of wood, the food served was organic, the toys were actually normal household objects to help teach practical skills, and the staff/child ratio was low, and teachers spoke English (a must for me, as I had no Bulgarian language at that point).
    Little did I know how the school would be woven into every aspect of our lives.  On the first day my son met two good friends and the three would remain inseparable for the next four years.  This led to parent friendships for my husband and I as well, and many joint family outings to the zoo, the parks, the arts, mini-vacations, and shared family holidays.  
    The school recommended that we start potty training at the age of two, and gave us tips on how to get started.  The staff always treated our son with respect, and explained the why behind rules and expectations for better understanding.  His manners were reinforced at school and that led to better habits at home as well.
    Progress reports from the teachers would be detailed with specific references to large improvements our son had made, or small changes we could help initiate for his development (like encouraging independence in getting dressed).  The combination of age groups in the classroom progressed from our son being the youngest in the class and learning from the older children, to becoming a role model for the younger children himself, and he prided himself in knowing the rules, and following them.
    The monthly newsletters kept us in touch with the upcoming activities in the classroom, and let us practice at home songs he would be learning at school.   The opportunities to come and read to the class gave us a glimpse into the daily life in the classroom, as well as the special projects for the holidays and mother’s day.  The annual weekends away for interested families were exciting for our son - to see his teachers out of the schoolhouse and to have special programming with parents too.
    The school presented our son with many different opportunities like visiting a salt cave, a bee hive, a technology museum, and even learning to ski.  More than anything I never had to worry about his safety and well being.  The teachers and Diana the principal always exhibited kindness and caring, as well as fairness and understanding.  We remember this experience with fondness and no regrets.  It was the best possible start to schooling we could have found for our son.
    Tonya, Rob, and Baxton Hancock, Nashville, Tennessee