Choosing Montessori Education for your child should be a reasonable and confident choice. We are not going to tell you this is the best approach to educating children but you can find a few benefits below that can help you decide whether the Montessori philosophy and education is what you would like for your child.

Montessori education focuses on key developmental stages and the learning is child-centered. It fosters social and academic skills and supports the executive function (the ability to adapt to changing and complex problems, plan and organize strategies for problem solving) seen as indicator of future school and life success).

Hands-on learning assist the focus on individual progress and development of each child.

Most of the 21-century skills required by employees are developed in a Montessori environment and not because guides and specialists do miracles and children have books to learn and do homework all the time but because the Montessori education follows the natural development of the child.


Children in a Montessori Environment:

  • learn at their own pace;
  • learn independence;
  • develop positive social relations;
  • have greater sense of justice and fairness than children in conventional schools;
  • develop life-long curiosity for learning and discovering;
  • naturally learn self-discipline;
  • can think critically and solve complex problems in the future;
  • are direct but kind;
  • are able to plan and self-direct;
  • are better prepared for reading and math at school;
  • write more creative essays;
  • are more likely to choose positive assertive responses;
  • have greater sense of community at school;
  • develop adaptability and initiative;
  • can work independently and as a team