Admission Procedure Step by Step


Step 1: Scheduled Observations

Interested parents are asked to observe prior to submitting an Application Form. It is required that both of the parents observe except the cases when only one parent is taking care of the child.

Step 2: Interview with the school principal (without the child)

The conversation takes place the same day after the 15 min observation.

Step 3: Application Form and Fee

When the decision to apply is made, complete the application form and send in to the school.

Step 4Attend Admissions Visit Day

Your child will join a group of other new applicants or individually spend about 45- 60 mins in our classroom with a guide. The parent doesn’t attend this session.

Step 5: Receive Notification of Admissions Decision

Admissions decisions are made by the school principal and teaching staff. These decisions are based on the needs of existing classrooms with regard to balance of age and sex.

Admissions decisions will be communicated to you via e-mail or a phone call within 5 working days.

If a space is not immediately available, your child may be offered a place on our waiting list.You will receive notification of waiting list status. Decisions related to students placed on the waiting list will be made as soon as spaces become available. You will be notified by a phone call or an email if your child is accepted from the waiting list.

Step 6Return Enrollment Contract and Tuition Deposit

If a position is offered to your child, you must return your signed Contract and a non-refundable admission fee of 350 BGN to Montessori Children’s House not later than 5 days after signing the contract. Upon receipt of your tuition deposit, we will hold a place for your child in our program and you will be contractually obligated for the year’s tuition.

Step 7: All Required Documents and Tuition

Please, submit the rest of the required documents not later than two days prior to your child starting school. Choose a payment option – monthly (with two deposits), two installments with 5% discount or one year installment with 10% discount (only when the child is enrolled from the beginning of the school year).


Enrollment is possible all year round if spaces are available!