How to Start Using Montessori at Home

The child, the adult, and the environment are the three main components in the Montessori Philosophy. When we talk about the environment, we mean pre-natal (womb) and post-natal; psychological and physical.

Why the Montessori Environment is important?

The prepared environment answers the child's needs and his/her physical characteristics. The ordered environment helps the child to orient and adapt himself to the family/ school life, to “become and belong”.

The environment needs to be safe, stimulating but not over stimulating, allowing for independence, freedom of movement, choice, communication.

The environment supports the child in building his own values, critical thinking, decision making, and making choices.

Why your child needs a Montessori home environment if s/he attends a Montessori school?

We believe that the holistic development of the child happens when schools and families work together. The child receives the same message from the physical and psychological environments both at home and at school and thus feels part of these communities, feels supported, and safe.

If the child is born and is being brought up in a house organized according to the Montessori philosophy, s/he adapts more easily to the school environment.

From birth to 6 years the child needs order and routine. Thus s/he feels confident and supported in creating the man in himself.

If your child does not attend a Montessori school, can you provide a Montessori environment at home?

The Montessori environment is organized according to the natural development of the child regardless of the school s/he goes to. It will provide conditions for “hands-on“ experience to support his developmental needs, improve concentration and become independent in his actions related to everyday life.

How can we help you?

If you are interested, please call or e-mail us.

We arrange a visit to your place; discuss the main Montessori principles important for organizing your space so that it answers your child’s needs. The environment has certain requirements for a newborn to 5 months and different ones from 5 months to 12 months, etc.

We can assist you in how to make the right choice for furniture, wall colours, and decoration, adapt your home to make your child feel part of the family. We can explain what to have in mind when choosing toys for your child; how to provide time and how to stimulate the child’s development at his own pace.

We can visit you before or after the birth of your new family member.