We offer a coaching program for parents who would like to have a stronger and fruitful relationship with their children and simultaneously to be able to dedicate some time to themselves. This program will help parents dissociate from their emotions and stay focused in challenging situations, so as to give the appropriate importance to all the tasks they have (family, work, free time)and take the best decisions for the whole family. Parental love and dedication are a powerful source for children. If a child sees confidence, support, trust, belief and love on his/her parents’ faces,he/she automatically absorbs and uses it. Children cannot live like their parents do; they have their own lessons to learn and ways to go. And they could do equally well as their parents did or even better, but with own style, character, and identity. Parent’s trust in their children qualities and abilities is a powerful engine for their independence and growth.On the other side, parents need also some time for themselves. Finding the right balance between being devoted to your child and being devoted to yourself is a key towards serenity, energy, happiness and completeness.


If you want to use the service, all you need is a PC / tablet / smart phone, internet connection and an application for video calls (ex. skype). For more information call or email us.