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What are Cookies?


Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, TV, mobile phone, or other smart device. They allow the person who placed the cookie on your device to recognize you on different websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions on the Internet.


What Cookies do we use and why?


In general, we will not be able to identify you directly from the information we collect using cookies.


We use the following cookies:


  1. required (essential) cookies – they ensure the correct operation and navigation of the website and the accounts. These cookies cannot be turned of;.
  2. analytical cookies – they are used to analyze how the website is used, to count the number of visitors, to learn how the website can be improved. While we do not associate the statistics with individual users, you can decide whether or not you will allow us to use these cookies.


Can you decide what cookies to accept?


Yes, we offer you the possibility to set your preferences regarding analytical cookies when you open our website for the first time. If you wish to change your preference at any time, please go to your Browser’s settings, delete the cookies from, and block the website from putting cookies in the future. When opening the website after you have deleted the cookies, choose your new settings from the cookies bar.   


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