Necessary Documents for Enrollment


1. Initial visit to Montessori Children's House of both parents and the child.

2. Completing a child's profile.

3. Discussion on the profile with both parents.

4. Signing the contract for education.

5. Completing and submitting all the necessary documents.

6.  Child starts adaptation and regular visits. 


  1. Application Form
  2. Contract- received  at the school after completing Steps  1-5 of Admission Procedures
  3. Child’s Profile
  4. Birth Certificate Copy – ONLY to compare data and then returned to parents
  5. Personal Health Card filled in by the Child’s physician (if the child is a foreigner,  a translation into Bulgarian is required)
  6. A threadworm and a sticky tape test result (Test completed not earlier than 15 days prior to enrollment. If the child is a foreigner, a translation into Bulgarian is required.
  7. Blood and urine test (completed not later than a week prior to enrollment)
  8. A note from the Child’s physician stating the child is in good health (requested for the first day at school)
  9. For children under the age of 3, salmonellosis and dysentery test result plus a Wasserman of one of the parents is needed.
  10. Pictures and video agreement
  11. Notification Personal Data
  12. Volunteer Form for Parents

If there are no spaces available, you may fill in and email the Initial Application Form and we will contact you as soon as there is a possibility for enrollment.