Parents love their children and the teachers love the children in their environment. They are friendly, respectful and kind to the children. Why then in the morning some of the toddlers and 3-year-olds are crying? They enjoy the day at school, they love their teachers and friends, they have fun as well but mornings are really difficult sometimes.
It is very possible one of the reasons to be that the child is not ready to leave the mother and their home for a whole day. If the child is not prepared for his/her mother absence, it will take a longer period of adaptation. But if all this has been done why the child keeps getting upset at the school gate? Maybe another child is rough physically or verbally to him. Yes, it is another option but again let’s say that there is no reason and everything looks fine, why the child does not come to school in calmness?
There is always something that triggers the child; something that causes the emotional state in which s/he is at this very moment. One of the reasons can be because the child is carried to school. When the child walks himself to school, even if there are two meters from the car to the gate, they make the effort and “tune themselves up” for school. Walking all by himself, supports his independence. The separation is also easier. When the child is in the parents arms and the teacher has to take him/her from them, the parent, the teacher and especially the child accepts it as an act of violence . The child thinks, ” Who is this evil person who takes me away from my mom?”
Then the child starts crying, the parent feels sorry for them. Their heart is tearing apart and they might feel guilt. But I can assure you, that your child is fine in a few minutes. It just matters how long in advance and how on the way to school the child is prepared. It matters how calm and confident you as a parent are. Try to feel positive emotions, think positive and do not worry because the child reflects your emotions. Children are very sensitive and even if parents do not show or say how worried they are, the child senses it and reads their body language and facial expression.
Let the child walk to school. It creates in him/her the impression that they are going to their special place.
I know living in a big city is stressful but this walking moment is very important for the child confidence and mood. The same is when you pick up the child from school. Let them walk. They need movement in order to develop gross and fine motor skills.

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