Montessori Congress Prague 2017

Dear friends, colleagues and parents,

The Montessori Congress in Prague will be held this month July 27 - 30.  The Congress topic is "Pathway to Peace: Montessori Education for Social Change."

Nowadays, there are different movements, initiatives and discussions on that topic so the congress is happening right on time. People seem to have lost their natural way of being, communicating, sharing, taking care and living in harmony with nature. People are more interested into new technologies, making more and more money, living in spacious houses and driving new cars but they have forgotten one of the most important things - why we exist on our planet Earth. Humans seem to have forgotten that “Peace is a practical principle of human civilisation and social organisation that is based on the very nature of man. Peace does not enslave him; rather, it exalts him.... And because it is based on man’s nature, it is a constant, a universal principle that applies to all human beings. This principle must be our guide in building a science of peace and educating men for peace.” (Education and Peace)

Dr. Montessori believed that if we would like to live in a peaceful and tolerant world, we need a change and the only true way about it is through education.

We live in times full of violence, intollerance, and stress. There are still starving people, children dying because of deseases and homeless who lost their hope. Dr. Montessori loved the children and believed that the child, who is constructing the man through purposeful activities provided both at home and at school, is the one who can become responsible, reliable, thinking and independent adult who can change the world and help it become a better and peaceful place for everyone.

The role of the family and the role of the school (meaning the institution that provides education) is crucial and now is really the time to have the social change happen because “An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.” (Education and Peace)

We are looking forward the Congress in Prague to share, meet and make the next step for Social Change. Everyone can become an avocate for social change at home, in their neighbourhood, at work. The cornerstone for this peaceful change lays in the everday small steps. Together we can do it! 

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