Montessori Children's House in Tsarevo

Montessori Children's House was invited to introduce the Montessori Philosophy and Principles to the public in Tsarevo. The forum was organized by the newly formed "Parent Club Tsarevo" by parents who would like to make a diffrenece in their children's life - both at home and at school. Тhere were two other presenters, who talked about teh existing educational situaion and how to modify it as well as integrating roma communities and chidlren.

In the public hall at the Cultural center parents, parents-to-be, teachers, grandparents, the mayоr and citizens gathered united by their desire and eagerness tp make a difference. It was an inspiring, and we believe useful too, evening for everybody. 

It was really great to see that Montessori spreads around Bulagria. On teh next day, Diana offered a workshop for parents and teachers to become more familiar with the Montessori materials.

The community in Tsarevo showed unambigously that there is will for change in our education for the betterment of the children.

We believe that when there is will, there is a way.

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