Petya Dimitrova

Petya Dimitrova is our nurse and toddler assistant.

She has a degree from the Medical institute and has worked as a nurse in a neurology, cardiology and orthopedic department . She worked successfully with children with special needs at “Zdrave” Foundation. Petya completed  AMI 0-3 Assistants to Infancy course. 

Children are inspiring her positively and she believes they are our future. Petya has found out about the Montessori method , which helps children become independent personalities and to communicate without violence. She was impressed and has decided to work with children, who are educated by this philosophy. It is important to try and introduce life values. Petya strongly believes we need to guide them with knowledge and skills.

Petya holds European health care certificates Meyra-Ortopedica, Siemens, Tracoe и Wimed-Italy.

She is married and has a son. In her free time she loves reading books, travelling and spending every minute with her family. She loves culinary.