Alona Cameron

Alona Cameron is from the United Kingdom.  

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from a British university and has been teaching abroad for the last six years. After moving into teaching via a European Union-funded program working with The members of the Ministry of the Slovak Republic, Alona changed career course and began working with children.  She spent four years teaching English to children in Bratislava before being introduced to the Montessori approach during an English teaching position in Bucharest. She was delighted to learn about the Montessori approach and changed her whole teaching method to incorporate the philosophies of Maria Montessori.

Alona loves to work with children and learn new things every day and she believes she has as much to learn from the children as they do from her. In her free time, she loves to travel, cook, tell funny stories, and meet new people. She has a soft spot for Slavic culture and Balkan cuisine.