Yana Venkova

Yana Venkova is a toddler guide.

She holds a bachelor degree in Pre-School and Primary School Education from the University of Sofia ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’. She started working with children in an art-atelier in Germany.

Yana devoted two years to children in an international English speaking kindergarten.She worked as an English and Art teacher while also being a nanny in a lovely international family in order to see what it is like to take care of children from different perspective, namely that of their upbringing at home.

Yana believes that children’s best teacher is nature itself, a belief which formed her approach to children to be very nature-oriented. She uses art and music a lot in order to support the process of an individual’s first encounter with the world.

Her favourite activity is making music - playing piano, guitar and percussions, singing, and also dancing. She often spends time in nature, observing its natural rhythms and embracing the peace she finds in it. Her true passion, however, is travelling!

Yana holds the view that to be a good guide of a child, you need to develop the ability to hear and follow your inner voice. And, most of all, to be a good learner yourself: after all, children are the best teachers.