Radka Hristova

Radka, or as everybody calls her Racheto, has graduated from the Medical University of Sofia with a midwifery specialization but has also obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration at the University of Economics, Plovdiv. She has successfully managed three large companies in Bulgaria, emphasizing and turning into a key strategy for success a few factors: building effective teams of professionals, which are psychologically supported to think creatively and express their talents and motivations. It is these skills that she applies in business development, in her family, and supporting the education of her son and daughter.

She was provoked by the challenge posed by Maria Montessori's thought that "Children lead us to higher levels of development of the human spirit and through them, material problems are solved", which brought her as an assistant at Montessori Children’s House. She is impressed by the Montessori's philosophy for a calm and free environment for children to grow up and express each of their talents.

Racheto's artistic nature and love for children challenge her to dedicate herself completely to them and thus making one life-long dream come true - to work with children.

She paints, loves applied arts, and relaxation in nature. She was inspired by the birds’ flight to write poems and draw children's characters. Her passions and hobbies include photography, flowers, and her pet - Yorkie Archie.