Zornitsa Antonova

Zornitsa Antonova is a primary assistant (3-6).

She graduated from the University of Economics in Varna, where she obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics, major  Marketing. She shares the ideology: "Help me to do it by myself" -  a basic principle in Dr. Maria Montessori’s phylosophy and the idea of an individual approach to each child, freedom of choice and self-expression.

She appreciatesthe opportunity to be a part of these important child stages of development as one of the most responsible, inspiring and meaningful "forms of art". She would like to work with children n order to help them grow up as good and humane, confident and committed to  build them up as independent and accomplished personalities for a better world. In her free time, the source of inspiration and motivation for her are meetings with family and friends, handmade crafts, reading books and traveling.